Spring means that Wedding Season is upon us which always makes me reminisce about my own wedding. It was not more than a year and a half ago that I married my husband. Our wedding was perfect and beautiful, but I was indeed a DIY ball of stress! I made every single decision about the wedding myself. My husband was the typical “I don’t care” guy (thanks, honey!). I even went to the venue the day before the wedding and put up all the handmade centerpieces and decorations – because after that much work everything needed to be exactly as I envisioned it would be! To some, it may have been a bit overboard, but it was my once-in-a-lifetime special day. Every bride out there can relate to wanting to make sure it is the perfect day- not just in our own minds, but everyone else’s, too.

During the wedding planning, one of the decisions I struggled with was our favors. The options seemed overwhelmingly endless- I wanted our guests to know how thankful we were to celebrate with them, but I couldn’t find anything I really loved. So I started researching and talking to other brides. The consensus was that edible favors were the most popular. A lot of past brides told me that the shot glasses, drink koozies and candles they bought were left behind- what a waste of time and money! But food? Nobody ever leaves delicious food behind. But even when I knew I wanted our favor to be edible, for the life of me, I could not find that perfect gift to give our guests so that they could remember our special day.

I ended up landing on a hot chocolate bar, with many mix-in ingredients and take home packages for our guests. I was married in December in Northeast Ohio, and if you know Northeast Ohio in December, you know that you would NEED hot chocolate! Truthfully, it was a hit but there was a lot left (that couldn’t be saved) because estimating how much we’d need was impossible. So it ended up costing more than it should have and it was A LOT of work! Think 2 stations of 10 different mix-ins (chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, mint chips, vanilla syrup etc), really cute serving dishes, labels for everything, serving spoons and stirring sticks, take-home bags, diet hot chocolate and more – just typing it is honestly stressful – it was a lot of planning and work!

So when I received a San Francisco Chocolate Factory customized tin from a friend’s wedding nine months after our wedding I was actually devastated! They were so beautiful and delicious – the PERFECT wedding favor. I jokingly (OK, maybe not so jokingly) asked my husband if we could do everything over again as I finally found the favor I wanted at my wedding (and also it was the best day ever). Being able to design a custom tin filled with gourmet chocolate drops to thank our guests and share our love and excitement with them would have been the PERFECT memorable addition to an already gorgeous wedding.

My friend told me that working with the team to design and order her tins was super easy and not at all stressful. What I really love about the tins is that long after the delicious chocolate inside has been devoured, they serve as a beautiful and touching reminder of all the sweetness that was felt on your special day. I use my tins for all kinds of various household items – bobby pins, coins, snacks and more. And everytime I use it, I remember exactly where I got the tin and how much fun we had at that wedding! If you have a wine-themed wedding or your reception is at a winery, you can even pick chocolate that pairs perfectly with the type of wine you are serving (how cool is that)! Not only was the process easy, they are also a highly trusted company; the San Francisco Chocolate Factory’s expertise is trusted not just by wedding planners and brides everywhere, but also by many of the largest companies in the world, including Boeing, SAAB and MGM!

Don’t make the same mistake I did. Now that you know about these tins, thank your guests with the perfect and original wedding favors. Have an idea for your own tin? We can help you customize a design for any and all occasions. Simply complete the contact information here and we’ll be in touch soon to get you started on your own design!