The San Francisco Chocolate Factory is trusted by hotels from coast to coast to delight guests with gourmet chocolate in collectible keepsake tins. Our tins can help every hotel build loyalty, highlight their city and promote their brand. We have a library of designs for virtually every major city in the United States and can customize those designs, or create new ones to fit the needs of our hotel clients.

VIP Welcome Amenities

Our tins of gourmet chocolate make the perfect welcome amenity for VIPs. They also make create giveaway items for club lounges to help promote the hotel’s brand. Our offerings are versatile – we can fill the tins with any type of chocolate or caramel that you wish and can be sized to appropriately fit every tier of a loyalty program.

Events, Conventions, and Weddings

Our custom tins are a great way to commemorate an event at the hotel. They can be used as giveaway items to guests and attendees who will retain the tin long after the chocolate is gone. We have an extensive program for weddings and these tins are a great way to thank guests for selecting your hotel as a venue.

Hotel Gift Shop and Room Service

Our landmark gift sets are found at airport gift shops nationwide and are the ideal item for hotel gift shops. We feature a library of designs for cities across the United States, or we can develop a unique design for your hotel. These gift sets can enhance the perceived value of the VIP amenities received by your guests. Our tins of chocolate also make great room service dessert items, including our Wine Lover’s Chocolate brand, which is specially formulated to pair with wine.

Single 1oz Tins. These tins are ideal to give away at the front desk or to include in a gift basket for VIPs. The tins can include a city landscape, landmark or attraction, branded with the hotel’s logo. Alternatively, they can be kept in a club lounge, fully branded with the hotel’s logo.

Single 3oz Tins. These tins are best for higher tiered VIPs or for guests that book suites, particularly at full-service hotels. They can also be filled with caramels and chipotle almonds, creating a higher level experience, and can be customized to promote specific events, or highlight happenings around the hotel or the city.

Gift Sets

Our gift sets are great standalone gifts for the highest value customers and for those who book the most exclusive suites. We offer three types of gift sets for hotels, including three packs of our 1oz tins and our 3oz tins, as well as our customized gourmet trio sets.

Choose Your Chocolate – Milk, White, Dark, and Extra Dark Chocolate is available in all of our tins. Sea-Salt Caramels, Espresso Caramels, and Bourbon Caramels are available in our 3oz tin and our gourmet trios.

Select Your Level of Customization – You can choose to select one of our pre-existing designs, add your logo onto one of our designs, or fully customize the tin.

Flexible Pricing – We are affordable for small owner-operated hotels and for the largest worldwide brands. Leverage volume across brands for even deeper savings.

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