Chocolate and love are inexorably intertwined, so what better gift to give your friends and loved ones on your wedding day to commemorate the occasion than gourmet chocolate? Our delicious chocolates are packed into tastefully designed one ounce tins customized with your names and the date of your wedding. Long after the chocolate is gone, the tin can be used for other keepsakes and serve as a lasting reminder of your special day.

If you are looking for something more personalized, we’ve got you covered with our fully customized tins. Our fully customized tins feature a design of your choice, such as your engagement photo or an image that is significant to you as a couple. We also feature custom 3-tin sets which can include up to 3 designs and 3 types of chocolate as the ultimate way to celebrate your special day.

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Small Wedding


Medium Wedding


Large Wedding


Pre-Designed Name Drop $3.99 $3.49 $2.99
Fully Custom $4.99 $4.49 $3.99
Custom 3 Tin Set $19.99 $13.49 $9.99

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