Even though we are really just getting started with our blog content, we have been working to keep things lighthearted and fun. After all, that should be what you think of when you think of chocolate! It is a delicacy that brings happiness to so many, and in so many forms.

Beyond the taste and enjoyment lies an additional silver lining: the health benefits of dark chocolate. It is amazing that when you start talking about chocolate with most people, they immediately associate it with getting obesity, because that is how we have been trained over the years. The reality, though, is that chocolate has been linked to a variety of health benefits.

There are important distinctions that go into how they are good for the heart. Dark chocolate contain flavanols. The flavanols are the healthy component of the dark chocolate. It has been shown to reduce high blood pressure, which probably does surprise quite a few of the people that are reading this as we speak. If you add alkali to this, however, it does significantly reduce the health benefits of the flavanol. Make sure to check on the chocolates label to see if alkali is included in the ingredients list.

Dark chocolate has also been shown to reduce the likelihood of heart disease. The antioxidants included in the chocolate basically eradicate dangerous molecules that have been identified as causes of heart disease. These studies have been confirmed time and time again, and it is quite possible that there are additional diseases and ailments that dark chocolate acts as a blocker against.

Just like any other type of food, it is important to not go overboard on consumption. The desired daily intake of dark chocolate is about 6 grams, which is not a very large amount. The reason why consumption of chocolate is linked with obesity has a lot to do with the amount of chocolate people tend to eat – just make sure not to go overboard.

The best part about this is that these studies were not done with folks at peak health. These studies were done with people beginning their risk years at 55-60. The fact that dark chocolate was reducing the amount of high blood pressure and heart disease at a fantastic rate!

It has also shown that the darker the chocolate is the better it is at treating these conditions. It is also important to mention here that in this discussion, we are not talking about white chocolate or milk chocolate. These studies were done and confirmed solely on the merits of dark chocolate.

It is exciting to think of chocolate as being something healthy for you when it is the right kind. Do not move so quickly to replace already healthy items in your diet with dark chocolate though. It should be best used as an addition to an already healthy diet.

What are you waiting for??? We have confirmed that The San Francisco Chocolate Factory is basically a health food store that will help you live forever!*

*no health professional endorses this statement.