It always amazes me that the days go so fast that we are already welcoming summer to 2018 by celebrating Memorial Day in just a week’s time. For many around the country it is a combination day where we both celebrate and remember those who fought and died for our country, but also acts as a great time to get together with the family and friends to cookout and enjoy the warm months to come.

As with any holiday, there are certain staples that we are used to. While Thanksgiving has its turkey and Halloween has candy corn, there are bits of Americana sprinkled throughout the feasts we prepare for Memorial Day. Personally, Memorial Day is one of the days I look most forward to considering the food that is prepared.

With that being said, I really wanted to dig deep into the menus that many around the country will be preparing and find those foods that really have a great pairing with chocolate. We could really sit here all day and match a food to a chocolate, but I want to just focus on three foods and three chocolates that you can pair them with to make your Memorial Day party the talk of the town!

As a disclaimer: everyone has a slightly different palette (or maybe even greatly differing!) so these may not work for everyone. They should work for most, though!

Potato Salad – Ahhh, a staple of the summer. Potato salad can be made in many different ways, but it is still a side dish that you see at many cookouts and get togethers. The flavor of potatoes coupled with their texture make the dish savory and sweet depending on what goes into the dish. We find that typically a 55% dark chocolate pairs exquisitely with potato salad.

BBQ Ribs – Another of the many staples at your Memorial Day cookouts could be BBQ ribs. I may be a bit biased on this selection because ribs are my favorite cookout foods. The rich and sweet taste of the BBQ sauce combined with the tender, fall off the bone quality of ribs make me yearn for the days of summer when it is cold and snowy in Ohio (so basically 85% of the year). As a result of how I make my BBQ sauce, I find that 72% cocoa matches it well. It really brings out the rich properties of the ribs to perfection.

Grilled Chicken Breast – For those who are more health conscious, grilled chicken breast might be what you look forward to most. Just because you are healthy conscious, does not mean you cannot enjoy some chocolate! In fact, one of my favorite combinations for grilled chicken breast is a glass of Pinot Noir and our 56% Wine Lovers Chocolate variety. This will kick the flavor profile of the chicken up another notch and really does not impact the overall healthiness of the meal!

I hope you enjoyed our quick guide to how to pair some of your favorite meals with chocolate. We will make sure to do some more of these in the future as other holidays approach. In the meantime, check out our product offerings and other blogs and feel free to follow us on social media for news and special deals.