Who doesn’t like a good air show?

That is really what drew us to the Blue Angels at first. Air shows are just awesome. It is spectacular to watch these planes fly through the air and whip and twirl around with such ease. From March to November every single year, the Blue Angels bring their unique brand of entertainment on the road. Millions of people have been dazzled by what they have to offer. The blue and yellow adorning the McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet is instantly recognizable as being a Blue Angel. They have truly become a piece of Americana.

Their history goes back into the 1940s, post World War II. The reason was that they thought they needed to boost the morale of the Navy pilots and that this would be the perfect way to do it. Little did they know that their desire to raise they own morale would actually do the same for this country. Every year, more and more people get out to see the spectacle that is the Blue Angels.

Because of this, we wanted to look at a few fun facts about them!

  • -The name Blue Angels actually came from a nightclub in New York City! One of the original pilots saw this and decided it would be a great name for the group that would start flying in 1946.
  • -The planes changed color schemes over the years. At first, as you might imagine, the planes were navy blue. In an effort to add a little more flash to them, they decide to make the blue coloring a little brighter and also to add a yellow line in them. Imagine if they never went to this scheme! As iconic as they have become, they could have ended up being a much more bland version.
  • -During the Korean War, the pilots were needed in action, so the group was disbanded. They served our country proudly. There was also consideration to disbanding the group once the pilots returned. The program was only 6 years old and had not gained the reputation that they have today. It would have been a shame for several generations to have missed out on that.
  • -The planes that the Blue Angels fly, the McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet, can get to speeds approaching 1,400 miles per hour! To put into perspective, the Boeing 747 can go approximately 550 miles per hour. That means that the Blue Angels travel nearly 3 times as fast as normal air travel. That is absolutely maddening!
  • -All of the Blue Angels planes are worth over 20 million dollars. Some might look at that and say that it is a waste of tax payer money, and I can see the argument. However, this has done wonders for not just those in attendance, but also those who have been able to take part in the program.

What an interesting and valuable program this has been! We were so excited when we got the opportunity to slap their planes on our tins and be a very, very small part of their operation. We just wanted to tell those who may not know anything about them just a little bit about who they are and why we love them!